We buy cars, trucks, and trailers.


JMB Industries buys and sells used cars, trucks, and trailers of all years, makes, and models. We prefer to purchase these items through private sale because we like to meet the previous owners and learn more about the history of each vehicle and trailer that we sell. Knowing more about each vehicle and trailer helps us provide better service to our customers. We have met many interesting people and heard many entertaining stories, which is one of our favorite parts about what we do.


Sick of your monthly car payment?

A monthly car payment can be super convenient, or it can be a super pain in the you know what. JMB purchases vehicles from private owners so they can pay off their auto loans. We can also help you to find a new car or truck that is right for you and your budget.


Not getting enough for your trade-in at the dealership?

Let us take a look! We may be able to offer you more for your trade-in than the larger dealerships. We look at each vehicle and each situation individually and we don’t base all of our decisions on book value. We check Kelly Blue Book, of course, but we also do a thorough review of current private and dealership market value, auction sales, and we personally look over your vehicle to evaluate its condition and true worth. We can’t promise that we’ll always be able to beat the large dealers, but we appreciate the chance to try.


Chevy Silverado Custom BumperReady to buy a new car, but need to get rid of your old one first?

We’ve been there. We can help. Most people are happy with their car for about two years or so, but most auto loans stretch out over six years. It’s tough to take a low trade-in value toward a new car because sometimes, even if your payment goes down, you end up owing more on your new car than it is worth making it harder and harder to get out from underneath it. We do take trade-ins and we will give you fair market value for your car toward your new (to you) one. However, if you decide to keep your car or truck, we also offer automotive customization services to give your current ride a makeover. Sometimes it just take some new wheels, custom exhaust, and a headache rack to make you fall in love with your own vehicle all over again.


Have a car that is taking up space in your driveway or yard but not sure how to get rid of it?

Give us a call. If it runs, awesome. If it doesn’t run, we may be able to haul it away for you. Either way, please give us a call.


Are you looking to sell your vehicle or trailer? If so, please contact us at 207-213-4336 or jason@jmbindustries.com.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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